"Scott knows his way around the interior complexities of Mac software the way a veteran policeman knows his way around bad neighborhoods, and with Scott at least, the bad ones don't have a chance." -Middlebury client

"I was drinking a glass of red wine while I worked on my MacBook Pro in the kitchen, and of course I spilled it. For a small spill it took a big toll, rendering my laptop DOA the next day. Scott was terrific. He took all my info by telephone, asked me diagnostic questions and offered his professional opinion on what I was probably looking at in terms of specific repair work, time, and costs. After he had a chance to look at my computer, he confirmed what needed to be replaced. This included the specific parts, why they were damaged, what each cost, and how long it would take to receive and install them. Scott is professional, courteous, and effective. I recommend him without reservation as a resource for any computer problems." -Elizabeth Gaucher, Middlebury, VT

"Because I use my computer for work that is rather confidential, it is imperative that it be in good working order and also very secure...I am confident that I've got both with your help!  I love that I can call you or email you and you respond fast.  You are fair and reasonable and you answer my questions patiently and thoroughly.  Thanks for keeping me and my computer on the straight and narrow!" -Beth, Bristol

"Prompt, professional, knowledgeable--goes above and beyond. Would recommend him for any of your computer needs." -Kathy LaFleche, Cornwall

"Scott is a friendly professional and a great teacher.  I feel very comfortable asking any technological question (even things that may seem quite "simple" to some people!) and Scott will explain things in plain language.  Then, he'll show me how to do something, and ask me if I understand, and then we'll go over it again if I need to.   I highly recommend his services whether you need help with your TV, your computer, or any other device." -Betsy, Bristol

"Scott helped me purchase a new computer and set it up, after determining my old one was just too old. His rates are very reasonable, and his workmanship very professional. I recommend him highly." -Stan Bunal, Monkton

"Scott took the time to explain fully his answers to my problems and would surely use him again." -Lee Adkins, Middlebury

"Scott was able to advice me on my options for setting up a computer network in my office. Once we determined what we needed he assisted me on purchasing the hardware and then setting up the network so all my computers could share a server and a printer.  He also recommended that I run an anti-virus software on my computers. I took his advice and now, 5 years later, the system he set up is still operating well." -Bethany Dever, Bristol

"Scott takes care of both my wife's and my computer and have been extremely happy with his service We find his prices extremely reasonable and also very helpful with recommendations as to what anti virus software to use." -Dennis Hysko, Bristol

"Scott is knowledgeable, efficient and affordable. He responds to messages quickly and clearly. We will definitely return to him!" -Alice Leeds and Rick Ceballos, Bristol

"Scott has been helping me for about nine years, inc. switching me from one system to another several times and nothing got lost, which is probably routine to him, but I was terrified. I'm a tech idiot but he always bails me out and I am awed at how much he knows! Not only is he brilliant at all this, he is always pleasant (I think he would be justified in losing his patience with me, but he never does), and I'm grateful that he makes house calls. I would be lost without him." -Sheila Khalladeh, Middlebury

"As a baby boomer who never quite caught onto computer technology, Scott has been my savior!  Scott has been coming to my home for about 10 years to tutor me, to trouble shoot problems, to do updates, and to install new computers.  He is soft spoken, has the patience of a saint, and 'speaks English' when explaining the computer world to me.  He often needs to explain things over and over to me and does so very willingly and without a hint of judgment or impatience.  Even though I know he is incredibly smart in his field of IT, he has a remarkable ability to 'dumb it down' for me and not in a condescending way.  And he knows just when I've had enough!  I've had others try to teach me, but none measure up to Scott.  He's one in a million." -Lynn Coeby, Ripton

"Scott has been a godsend over the years, saving our Internet lives on a number of occasions. Every time he visits, he manages to improve some aspect of our computer experience that wasn't on our agenda when we called for his help. I have a PC and my wife has a Mac, and he seems to operate seamlessly in both worlds. I would highly recommend Scott for any computer glitch that might befall you. He shows up and does a great job every time." -Terry Allen, Ferrisburgh

"If you need help with your computer, I can't recommend anyone more highly than Scott Remick. He came to our home and set up our computer to fit our needs. Scott is very knowledgeable, professional, and he explained everything in a way that a non-expert like me could understand. He answered all of my questions, and I had many. On top of all that, Scott's rates were extremely reasonable. We found our new go to computer expert!" -Bridget Companion, Bristol

"Great communication and service. Everything was handled very efficiently and at a reasonable price. Highly recommended." -Scott Bazemore

"Scott has been our computer guru for several years. He has helped us solve all of our computer problems and recently saved a document which included seven years worth of work. Reasonable rates and excellent help. I highly recommend him." -Jo LaFontaine, Bristol

"It's so great to be able to feel like you have a friend you can trust when you are not computer savvy and need help with your non-functioning or dysfunctional computer. Working with Scott is like that. He uses his deep knowledge base to help you navigate the (to some of us) strange and mysterious world of computer databases, patches, iOs updates, repairs, virus protection and I'm sure there's more he knows about that I don't. I know I can rely on Scott to handle my computer issues, and that's a relief." -Tanya Lehman, Middlebury

"After years in 'tech', I just want to be an 'end-user' and have 'the IT guy' fix my computer issues. IT service was not included in my retirement package so for me, Vermont Geek is 'the guy'. We meet, I hand over one of my laptops usually for one or two days depending on whether there is new hardware or just some annoying software issue. I don't trouble-shoot, research or learn things I don't want to know about. Very reasonable cost, quick turn-around, local, minimal interruption and frustration for me. I am a repeat customer." -Karl Miller, Bridport

"Scott has helped me several times. He is prompt, knowledgable and quick. I recommend him highly." -Max Kraus, Middlebury

"Very professional, friendly and really knows his business. Highly recommend.. prices are great also." -Mary Wright, Bristol

"Easy to work with. speedy & great results. thank you!!!" -Kathleen Schmitt

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